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Obama’s NLRB Boeing Issue

Posted by madjillmom on June 29, 2011

Pres. Obama was asked about excessive regulation and his Union loving NRLB assault on Boeing.  He gave a bit of song and dance about debt and burdensome regulations, and then gave lip service to safety issues which is an insinuation regarding manufacturing in the non-unionized South (read – if a redneck puts together your plane, is it safe?).  Then he said he can’t comment on the exact case and he doesn’t know enough about it anyway.  Then he spoke about plants being closed and people being laid off.  This is a lie.  No unionized plants are closing and no union members have been laid off.  In fact, more union people have been hired in Washington state.  So once again, Barack tell us he doesn’t know anything, but what he know is wrong.  He can stop this witch hunt by union sympathizers, but he won’t because they are his base.  What this says is he cares more about outdated unions than good jobs in the South.  Plus remember, he is the smartest President ever, so why can’t he get his facts straight?

As an aside, the press was way better about the questions this time, though Obama was his usual self while answering, verbose, partisan, and uninformed.


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