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Sarah Palin’s Emails

Posted by madjillmom on June 14, 2011

The Middle East is aflame with the so-called Arab Spring.  We are possibly involved in 4 separate wars there. The American West is on fire.  The President is learning to speak Spanish.  The Debt ceiling matter is not yet handled.  But the real issue is Sarah Palin’s e-mail.  They must be analyzed and picked through.  A tanning bed for pale Sarah is national news.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Nero fiddles…


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Weiner’s Weiner

Posted by madjillmom on June 14, 2011

While the sideshow of Anthony’s weiner was going on this past two weeks, the stock market was having down session after down session, Sheriff Joe and the nasty, demanding Republicans have not come up with a way to fix the economy, and Pres. Obama is yucking it up with GE’s Immelt about the lack of jobs in this country.  Sometimes it really seems that the reality show we call America is really going off the rails, or into the ditch.

My current thoughts re: Weiner are that he is a product of social networking age.  At least Bill Clinton had to actually make the moves in person, not just text about it and take pictures of himself.  You can at least understand the temptations of the flesh.

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Obama Recovery Needs More Obama Speeches

Posted by madjillmom on June 6, 2011

The Great Obama Recovery is dragging along.  Two years of recovery and we all still feel like it’s crap.  After the bad news from last week, the only answer from the Obama team will be more speeches from the heartland during the day followed by convenient fundraising during the evenings.  They are clueless.

Don’t look at the price at the gas pumps – listen to Obama.  Don’t wince when you pay for your groceries – listen to Obama.  Take a number at the unemployment office – listen to Obama.  Remember, it is all George Bush’s fault and the nasty Republican and cranky old Tea Party people.  They are all just racists throwing Granny off the cliff.


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Back Alley Circumcision

Posted by madjillmom on June 5, 2011

If the loons have their way, there may soon be “back alley circumcisions” in San Francisco.  Probably using rusty steak knives.  Everything goes in San Fran though I guess freedom of religion is not one of those things.  There has been some evidence in the past few years in Africa that circumcision helps in prevention of the spread AIDS.   No big deal in San Francisco.

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Summer of Anemic Recovery 2

Posted by madjillmom on June 3, 2011

The anemic recovery groans on.  Unemployment up, only 54,000 jobs created in May, gas still near $4 a gallon,GDP down, manufacturing down, and real estate down.  Soft patch after soft patch.  Unexpected as always.  The only job Pres. Obama is really worried about isn’t yours, it’s his.  He is focused like a laser on fund-raising.  The stimulus, the first time home buyer’s credit, foreclosure programs ad nauseam, cash for clunkers, quantitative easing 1 and 2, regulations, more regulations, and Obamacare.  Debt and more debt.  Good grief.

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Throwing Granny Off a Cliff

Posted by madjillmom on June 1, 2011

A liberal group recently got a lot of press regarding an ad showing a Paul Ryan look-alike pushing Granny in a wheelchair off a cliff.  This should be the counter ad to that one.

A pack of grandmothers and grandfathers wheeling about on their hover-round chairs on a college quad.  They should be swinging lassos and admiring the chairs they have for “nothing out of pocket”.  Then a senior yells “There they come!”.  All  the medicare posse advances toward a group of students and lassos them.

Next scene. A few cattle trailers being filled by the students.  The trailers should be named High Tax Future, Enslavement, and Granny Doesn’t Love You Anymore.

Pan out with a Grey Headed Mean Granny saying “That will teach you to mess with my Medicare.”

Medicare is going to have to change for us Baby Boomers.  It will have to be means tested.  I hate that.  It punishes those who did the right thing and saved for their retirement.  We cannot keep up this generational theft.  Our children and grandchildren cannot be robbed of their futures.  All government entitlement programs will have to be scaled back to only those in the greatest need.

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