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Obama the Wimp

Posted by madjillmom on July 23, 2011

Pres. Obama came out yesterday to excoriate the Republicans about their intransigence on agreeing to a deal on the debt ceiling.  Then Obama reveals just how un-serious he is about our nation’s debt.  He is out of sorts because he only wants a ratio of $1 in cuts for .75 in new taxes/revenues.  This is not a serious attempt at cutting our debt.  Most ratios discussed in plans are at a starting point of at least $3 to $4 in cuts for every $1 in taxes/revenues.  In the mid nineties, Canada (a huge welfare state) cut spending by about 6 or 8 to 1 in revenues.  This has resulted in lowering deficits ever since and Canada was spared some of the problems of a worldwide recession.  If Obama can’t do better than $1 in cuts for .75 in revenue, we are doomed.  Ratings agencies and the world should note that our President is not interested in real changes and reducing the nations debts.  First it was his budget that had spending increases, then it was a clean debt ceiling, then it was a big deal, now it is no real cuts.  Obama is not serious about the future of our country.


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Obama’s Debt Dilemna

Posted by madjillmom on July 20, 2011

The tide may be running against the GOP in the debt talks.  Lots of pressure to settle the issue and have the Republicans compromise with new taxes now addressed as Revenues to make it sound more palatable.  If Obama gets more taxes/revenues and the necessary cuts aren’t really made or the promises of cuts never come to be, the fragile economy may continue faltering.  Can Obama take that chance?  I do not think he can.  His best option is to cave at the end of this process by saying that he must take a cuts only deal rather than let the economy fall off the cliff.  Then he can be the hero and blame the Republicans for all  the cuts that must be made.  Peas are warming on the stove and Obama gets to take his vacay to Martha’s Vineyard.

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Mrs. Obama’s Trip to Africa

Posted by madjillmom on July 6, 2011

Last year they went to a swanky resort in Spain.  She got a lot of flack for a high ticket trip abroad at such a time of economic problems and anemic recovery at home.  Some of her girlfriends came along.  I think they made a point to show that the taxpayer didn’t pay for her girlfriends to come along.  Maybe.  This year she took the kids to Africa, but she also took her brother’s children and her mother.  Who paid for them?  I know first lady’s have trips and take their children on such trips, but I don’t remember there being others invited.  I can’t remember Chelsea having trips with anyone but Hillary.  I can’t remember the Bush girls with anyone other than Laura.  Either way, at a time such as this one the precipice of defaulting, should these trips be done?  And should they be extended to friends and family?

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Obama, Twitter, and Debt Ceiling Talks

Posted by madjillmom on July 6, 2011

Pres. Obama came out yesterday to very publicly called for a meeting to hammer out the details of a debt ceiling increase with the principals in the Senate and Congress.  I guess he is finally finished with his twitter lessons and has an hour or two that he can spare from campaign events, playing golf,  and planning his August Martha’s Vineyard vacay.   Of course, this meeting will be held behind closed doors so don’t act too surprised to hear that the Republican’s are the problem and they want Granny and Grandpa eating dog food at the bottom of a cliff.

Stop Whining and Starve the Beast!!

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