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Screaming on the Inside

Obama’s Debt Dilemna

Posted by madjillmom on July 20, 2011

The tide may be running against the GOP in the debt talks.  Lots of pressure to settle the issue and have the Republicans compromise with new taxes now addressed as Revenues to make it sound more palatable.  If Obama gets more taxes/revenues and the necessary cuts aren’t really made or the promises of cuts never come to be, the fragile economy may continue faltering.  Can Obama take that chance?  I do not think he can.  His best option is to cave at the end of this process by saying that he must take a cuts only deal rather than let the economy fall off the cliff.  Then he can be the hero and blame the Republicans for all  the cuts that must be made.  Peas are warming on the stove and Obama gets to take his vacay to Martha’s Vineyard.


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