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Obama Doubles Down on Economic Policy

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2011

Obama doesn’t get it.  And he is happy to surround himself with others who don’t get it.

Today, Obama has appointed his head of the Council of Economic Advisers.  He has appointed Alan Krueger.  Alan Krueger has never received a paycheck from anything other than the government or academia.  He of Cornell, Harvard, Princeton tenured pedigree, and brilliant mind behind Cash for Clunkers as Assistant Secretary under Tim “TurboTax” Geitner.  Ah, the rarefied air of academia, the collegial camaraderie of those who believe they are smarter than the business builders and owners,  those elite who haven’t owned a clunker ever.  Signal – no changes, window dressing, more spending, cut the Military. etc.  He is part of the administration who hasn’t gotten any projection right yet.

I was amused to hear Obama say that this guy will give him the unvarnished truth.  This guy is totally varnished and Obama can’t handle the truth!!!He is very handsome, a point in his favor. Otherwise, not much that would cause us to expect any change from this administration.




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Feeling Safer with Obama in Charge

Posted by madjillmom on August 28, 2011

Yesterday, we left early to go to an outdoor wedding (107 degrees) of our twin’s friends.  Before I left, I was so relieved to see Obama had left his Martha’s Vineyard vacay early to rush to FEMA headquarters.  While there, he was able to find the right seat of power and responsibility because the fine folks of FEMA  had taken time out of their busy horrible hurricane schedule to print out nice name placard that identified Barack Obama as the President of the United States.  Then, he rolled up his sleeves and put on a really serious face.  This makes me feel so much better.  I am sure the Irene was so impressed that she decided to weaken as soon as the word was out.

Also, I recently learned that the Dept. of Justice is really overworked.  They had no other choice but to drop the New Black Panther voter intimidation case because they really needed to pursue Gibson Guitar because they may have violated Indian law in obtaining some wood for guitar making.  I guess they are still working on it, because they can’t seem to figure out just what happened in the ATF Fast and Furious gun-running debacle.  Thank goodness a division of our government is able to prosecute obtuse Indian laws against an American company in this time of high unemployment, dead DEA agents and Border guards.

Once again, I feel so much better that Obama is so “in charge” and keeping us all safe from terrible hurricanes and guitars made with exotic wood.  I will sleep better tonight.

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FEMA News Conference and Storm App

Posted by madjillmom on August 27, 2011

If you wanted to feel as though the President, FEMA, and Homeland Security have it all together in regards to Hurricane Irene, the bad audio of the forecaster portion of the news conference wasn’t reassuring.  The audio on this fellow was so bad, it sounded as though he was speaking from the actual storm.

They have now pointed out that the app for smartphones and I-pads are giving out information that can be used.  Do they think that internet connections, cell towers,  and electricity will be available to check these things?  How many of the people knew there was an app for that as of yesterday.  Thank goodness that FEMA is busy working on apps.

Our experience with Rita and Ike tell us that cell phone traffic makes cell phones pretty useless early on.  This was pre-smartphone, so I do not really know if you will be able to get internet while in storm.  Plus, it looks like it was just available yesterday.  Part of the app is getting ready for storm with a storm kit.  Believe me, all the stuff you would go and buy are long gone by now.  (Same with Pres. Obama’s address yesterday.  If you waited until yesterday to get your supplies, there are none left.)

I wonder if you can apply for government assistance with the app?  I am going to go check it out.  Is there an I phone app?

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Biden’s China Plan

Posted by madjillmom on August 24, 2011

VP Joe Biden apparently has a diabolical plan to take down China.  He seemed to endorse China’s horrific “one child” policy that results in a much higher birth of boys.  These boys will grow up without enough women to marry, so there will be lots of needy Chinese men.  We can then sell mail order brides to the Chinese men in exchange for our debt.  We knew Joe’s foreign policy experience would pay off.

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More Earthquake Causes

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2011

Nancy Pelosi says this was caused by proposed cuts in Medicare and Social Security. Or, perhaps, her various face lifts let go.

Mayor Bloomburg thinks it probably happened because of too much salt in the food being sold around NYC.

Al Gore says it is Climate Change deniers.

Hamas, Ron Paul, and the Palestinian Authority think it was caused by the close relationship we have with Israel.

Glenn Beck did it fulfill his prophesy.

Deep water drilling in the Gulf Coast.  Or fracking on the Eastern Seaboard.  Maybe it was windmills tilting off Martha’s Vineyard or Hyannis.

The Fed

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Back Door Dream Act Fiat

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2011

Pres. Obama and Homeland Security have decided that they will waive deportation for illegal aliens who would qualify for the Dream Act.  This is now law by fiat instituted at the behest of the President circumventing the usual process.  This was not passed by the House or the Senate even when the Dems were in charge of the House and Senate. When the Dream Act was voted on, it lost and did not go to the President for his signature.  The Dems like to say that this will help those who are serving in the Military, not just college students.  But there is already a shortened road to citizenship for serving in the military, so that part is not necessary.  Now, if you are in danger of being deported, all you need do is enroll in a nearby commuter college.  Or have a baby, thus making you the caregiver for a citizen.  Or be related to someone in the military, third cousin, twice removed PFC Gonzalez will do.  Then Janet Napolitano will go over your file and let you stay. Gosh, what a great Country we have here!!

Unintended Consequences of this Generous Back Door Dream Act:

The Higher Education Bubble will bust.

There will be an immigration emergency line at your local community college and you won’t be able to stand in it without your deportation papers.

Because the economy is tight, your child is going to take foundation classes at the local college to save money for the first few years.  There won’t be room for your kid or the classes will be crowded and learning will be reduced.

There will be more births to young illegal aliens.  More babies paid for by the taxpayer.

Muhammed Azir Nazir Nasser Ali Zalawari, Terrorist who hasn’t done anything yet, will quickly enroll at the local Jr. College.  He will get the same treatment as Anna Gomez, a child brought here by her parents when she was 6 months old.  Anna wishes us no harm, but Muhammed does.  Maybe he won’t go to community college, maybe he will join the military so some more of his relatives can come over and claim a relative in the military.

This issue is way more complicated than the poor Hispanic child who was raised here and considers themselves to be an American.  It is way more complicated than the back door Dream Act can address.  Part of the proof of this new program is to see if more of the criminal illegal alien element will be deported.  Or will the gang members just sign up for Jr. College or have babies in order to stay.





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Another DC Earthquake Cause

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2011

There were probably too many fat school kids visiting DC on their summer break.  Michelle O should look into this and have Pres. Obama give some more government funds to Welfare and School lunch programs so this never happens again.   But please wait until the First Family is finished with their Martha’s Vineyard vacay.  They really need the rest and Barack has a few more golf games scheduled.

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DC Earthquake

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2011

Thank God that Pres. Obama and his family were far away from DC today.  It would have wreaked havoc on his putting game as he was playing golf at the time.

Now, this a pretty serious event.  Felt as far away as NYC and that area, causing building evacuations, Pentagon evacuation, and damage around DC.

Possible Causes:

Lack of movement on Patent Reform

Corporate Jet Tax Breaks

Tea Party Anger

Republican intransigence

George Bush

Gosh, if I had only been able to patent the Earthquake Prevention device I have been working on in my garage, the economy and DC would be much better off.



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Fed to Rescue the Economy

Posted by madjillmom on August 9, 2011

The Fed Head will come out today and probably announce something in the line of QE3.  The printing of money will continue the path to devastation for our economy.  Hope the fed doesn’t do it.

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Obama Wants to Kill Texans

Posted by madjillmom on August 9, 2011

Texas is baking.  The heat of this summer is worse than ever.  Obama has given the overzealous Environmental Protection Agency the go ahead to shut down electricity production in Texas.  When this is done, a summer like this one will resort in blackouts and brownouts.  The cost of electricity will “necessarily skyrocket” and those who are poor will suffer the most.  This would result in lots of deaths in Texas.

The EPA wants to shut down coal-fired plants.  They say the little children will die of asthma if we don’t.  The little children will die because they are in airless rooms in 100 heat with no electricity.

Nothing new.  Obama hates Texas (NASA, the oil industry, electricity production, military contracts, low taxes, employment gains, etc.)  Gotta let illegals vote so he can win again.

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