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Obama Wants to Kill Texans

Posted by madjillmom on August 9, 2011

Texas is baking.  The heat of this summer is worse than ever.  Obama has given the overzealous Environmental Protection Agency the go ahead to shut down electricity production in Texas.  When this is done, a summer like this one will resort in blackouts and brownouts.  The cost of electricity will “necessarily skyrocket” and those who are poor will suffer the most.  This would result in lots of deaths in Texas.

The EPA wants to shut down coal-fired plants.  They say the little children will die of asthma if we don’t.  The little children will die because they are in airless rooms in 100 heat with no electricity.

Nothing new.  Obama hates Texas (NASA, the oil industry, electricity production, military contracts, low taxes, employment gains, etc.)  Gotta let illegals vote so he can win again.


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