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Obama Doubles Down on Economic Policy

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2011

Obama doesn’t get it.  And he is happy to surround himself with others who don’t get it.

Today, Obama has appointed his head of the Council of Economic Advisers.  He has appointed Alan Krueger.  Alan Krueger has never received a paycheck from anything other than the government or academia.  He of Cornell, Harvard, Princeton tenured pedigree, and brilliant mind behind Cash for Clunkers as Assistant Secretary under Tim “TurboTax” Geitner.  Ah, the rarefied air of academia, the collegial camaraderie of those who believe they are smarter than the business builders and owners,  those elite who haven’t owned a clunker ever.  Signal – no changes, window dressing, more spending, cut the Military. etc.  He is part of the administration who hasn’t gotten any projection right yet.

I was amused to hear Obama say that this guy will give him the unvarnished truth.  This guy is totally varnished and Obama can’t handle the truth!!!He is very handsome, a point in his favor. Otherwise, not much that would cause us to expect any change from this administration.




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