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Iraq War Troop Withdrawal

Posted by madjillmom on September 7, 2011

Yesterday there was speculation about the withdrawal of all but 3000 American troops in Iraq.  Word was that the Generals wanted 25,000 to 30,000 left in, but might settle for 15,000.  Word is that new SecDef Leon Panetta is caving to the number that suits Pres. Obama – 3000.  That seems to me to be 3000 sitting ducks unable to do much on the ground.  Further there is a “training the Iraqis” meme that makes me wonder if there is any hope for the last 3000.

Remember when there was questioning from liberals and anti-war folks about why the Bush twins weren’t fighting in this war Dad was responsible for?  So, now I wish to ask the same question of Pres. Obama.  Would you feel good about this 3000 troops if Sasha or Malia were there in uniform?  I doubt he would want them to be there in such small numbers.

It seems to me that this serves Obama’s goals, but not much else.  There will be problems if there are only 3000 troops in Iraq.  Seems that since we have Obama as President, there isn’t that much news on deaths or our troops.  So this way, soldiers will die but there won’t be much press on it.



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