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Obama’s 10/6/11 Press Conference

Posted by madjillmom on October 6, 2011

Thoughts on this press conference:

He really likes to hear himself talk.

He lectures banks about doing business and making prudent loans.  Then he is asked question about Solyndra – one of the biggest and least prudent loans around.

He keeps saying the Republicans have been for stuff in his jobs/stimulus bill in the past and will have to explain why they aren’t now.  Explanation – $14.8 trillion in current US debt.

He keeps saying his jobs bill is paid for.  Nothing is paid for when you borrow 40 cents on every dollar the government spends.

He really doesn’t want to campaign, he wants to stay and negotiate with congress so he won’t be able to run against a “do nothing congress”. By the way, he is going on another “bus trip” in a week to promote this jobs bill.  Does he really ride the bus from town to town or does he get off after a photo op and take Air Force One to the next town?

Republicans should have their program to put people back to work scored by the independent economists that tell him his program will create millions of jobs.  Just who are these economists that have told him his bill is going to work?   Give us names.  Are they the same economists that told you that the last huge stimulus would work?

It is all the Republican’s fault and he has bent over backward to negotiate with them.  Republicans want the air to be dirty.

Only two questions about Solyndra and Fast and Furious.  Epic fail, Press.

Propping up state and local government is the only way to grow jobs.

The only way to innovate is to have government investment.  GM Volt, Fiat, Solyndra, etc.

People put off going to doctors.  Didn’t Obamacare fix this?


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