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NBA Seasson, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Posted by madjillmom on November 28, 2011

I sure appreciate PresBO coming out with a statement on the announcement that there will be an NBA season starting on Christmas.  I am so relieved to know this.  So happy that PresBO will have some recreation after the first of the year.  Something to do with those long boring hours running down the Republicans.

So don’t worry if you have someone currently in Afghanistan, someone you love who might not have access to the supplies they need to continue the war in Afghanistan.  Don’t worry that they might not get the food, ammo, gasoline, and healthcare the troops might need.  Remember, the NBA games will be available to watch while your worry.

Wasn’t this President the one who understood Pockeestan?  He vacationed their during college and that was used to boost his foreign policy bona fides.  If a member of my family were in Afghanistan, I would want PresBO to speak up about the supply lines to Afghanistan and not the shortened NBA season.  No wonder he thinks were aren’t strong, our President is more concerned with the NBA (rich guys playing ball than winning the war in Afghanistan.


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