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Obama is Not a Grownup

Posted by madjillmom on November 30, 2011

PresBO is eager to run against a “do nothing” Congress.  He and his minions like to portray him as the only grownup in the room of partisan children unable to accomplish anything.  Here is the problem with this scenario.  He isn’t in the room.  He is on the golf course or campaigning.  He never enters the room.  Proclaiming yourself the grownup means that you have done what it takes to fix the situation.  Obama isn’t fixing anything.  He stamps his feet but offers no real solution.  He is the invisible President.

Since he has been President, he has been missing when heavy lifting is needed.  He farmed out the original stimulus to the Dems in congress and passed it with no Republican support.  No heavy lifting.  Just rammed through by the Dems.  Same with Obamacare. No heavy lifting on immigration reform. No leading on the budget problems and deficit spending.  Turn it over to the Deficit Commission and then ignore the results.  No heavy lifting.  Then turn it over to the Super Committee and do nothing to make it so.  Again, no heavy lifting.  Nothing on paper, no phone calls, no arm twisting, nothing…

Being the grownup means solving the problem, not campaigning on the sidelines.  Obama is not a grownup problem solver.  The only thing he actually leads in is campaign appearances.  He is way ahead of all the other Presidents in this area.


4 Responses to “Obama is Not a Grownup”

  1. YES. Yes, yes, yes. You are so dead on! This do nothing congress is the reason Obama looks like he’s doing anything, especially with his new policy of using an executive order to accomplish stuff, which is a far overreach of the checks/balances system in America. Obama isn’t doing anything besides going on vacation and campaigning. How can he campaign when nothing has been accomplished ever since the Democrats lost complete control of Congress? He has nothing to show. But you know, these days our government sees keeping America running smoothly as secondhand to making money. It’s all about the Benjamins…

  2. […] is what famous liberal elite Tina Brown says that makes my recent point.  On today’s Morning Joe on […]

  3. cool story bro

  4. dieta said

    You nailed it, Mr. Babbin. Newt is the grownup in the room, politically and professionally. He’s also weathered the personal storms and come out stronger and wiser. He’s the best one to lead us out of this existential crisis.

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