Mama Bin Cranky

Screaming on the Inside

Life Isn’t Fair

Posted by madjillmom on December 8, 2011

PresBO’s most overused word for this year is “fair”.  The rich should pay their fair share. Everyone should get a fair shake.  The more he pushes for his version of fairness, the more I can see a little boy screaming that it isn’t fair that someone else’s cookie has more sprinkles than his does.  Didn’t his mother tell him that life isn’t fair?  Didn’t he have to do some sit-ups in Jr. High because some twerp acted up during PE?  Doesn’t he know that if life were fair, he wouldn’t be President?  After all, he was the newcomer.  John McCain had already stood in line for a long time.  We all get dealt a hand, some are smart, some are beautiful, some are rich, some are poor.  Obama is smart, beautiful, and rich.  Is that fair?


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