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Arab Spring turn Arab Nuclear Winter

Posted by madjillmom on January 28, 2012

Last spring, Obama was quick to throw Mubarak (the devil we knew) under the bus.  Then cascaded lots of joyous shouts (while raping Western journalists) that the new Egypt was going to be great.  Now, after a lot of ignoring the issue of jihadists winning the elections in Egypt, a constantly campaigning Obama has little time between to try to figure out how to get Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood’s son out of Egypt.  He is being detained for trying to support a path to democracy in Egypt.  After Obama threw Mubarak under the bus, he diverted his attention to Libya, where things still aren’t going too great.

Getting LaHood out of Egypt will be the State Departments purview, but they are really busy pissing off Canada over an oil  pipeline.


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Keystone Pipeline

Posted by madjillmom on January 20, 2012

Pres. Obama served his re-election campaign over the people and interests of America as a whole.  He has turned down the Keystone Pipeline project.  This gives the Republicans a good issue.  Obama turns down real jobs for imaginary green ones.  His administration doles out taxpayer money to failing solar companies in a nanosecond, but can’t approve a privately funded pipeline that has been studied for 3 years.

Of course, Obama wants it both ways.  He is turning it down now to keep the greenies on board his re-election bus.  Then he tells Canada it isn’t in our national interest at this time.  He is telling the unions that he might change his mind after he is re-elected.  Then it won’t matter if the greenies are thrown under the bus.

So Obama has pissed off Canada, given a nod to China, polluted the world much more with Chinese refineries and oil tankers, thrown away real jobs, sold out to the Saudies, and kept the cost of gasoline for us normal people “necessarily high” as he is want to do. Way to go, PresBO.

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Rick Perry Says Adios

Posted by madjillmom on January 19, 2012

Don’t tell me an Aggie can’t read the handwriting on the wall.  Maybe he’s a little slow, but he got the message. Come on back to Texas.

I don’t really know what to think about his endorsement of Gingrich.  Still trying to process it.

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ABC Debates Newt’s Ex-Wife’s Interview

Posted by madjillmom on January 19, 2012

ABC is putting out a story that there was some internal debate about whether or when to show the interview of Newt’s former wife, Marianne.  I bet that was the fastest debate ever.

ABC News Person:  “Hey, should we really run an interview of the ex-wife of a current presidential candidate?

Other ABC News Person: “Newt is a Republican.”

ABC News Person:  “Run it.”

Remember when your sex life wasn’t really an issue having to do with one’s ability to govern?  Oh, yeah.  Clinton was a Democrat.

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Vulture Capitalist

Posted by madjillmom on January 12, 2012

Shame on Perry and Gingrich for slamming Romney as being a vulture capitalist.  Both should know what happens without vultures.  You are up to your ass in decomposing flesh.  In fact, if Romney was a vulture capitalist then he has some good skills that are really in need.

Think of it.  Romney took over nearly bankrupt companies. He then reorganized them, cut out benefits, slimmed  them down.  In some cases the companies survived and in some cases the companies died.  He may get the chance to take over our inefficient and bankrupt federal government.  He will slim it down, cut out the fat, eliminate benefits, cut stupid programs.  He will have to cut the over-promised and under-funded pensions of government workers.  Maybe he can get the government to live off less than it collects in taxes, thus producing a “profit”.  I know, PROFIT is a bad word to Obama. Also, note that Romney didn’t do this with taxpayer’s money like Obama did for GM, Solyndra, etc.

If Romney has this type of experience, I would consider it a feature, not a problem for him.

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Obama Wants Ex-Cons Hired

Posted by madjillmom on January 12, 2012

Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor, has announced Obama’s program to give $20 million in grants to help ex-cons get hired.  While everyone deserves a second chance, is now the time to be handing out money for such things.  I guess he is going for the jailbird vote.  I am pretty certain this is a backdoor program to reincarnate ACORN as it will be doled out to community organizations in poor neighborhoods.  I guess that means ex-cons will be signing dead and imaginary people up to vote again.

If you are the average Joe who has lost his job in this awful economy, don’t expect too much help.  However, if you have some prison tats, Obama may give you a leg up.

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Alice In Wonderland Party

Posted by madjillmom on January 11, 2012

The pictures leaking out about an 09 White House Halloween party are interesting. The party is being billed (after the fact) as common knowledge and as being for the families of the military.  Has the White House ever withheld pictures of things done for military short of bedside visits?  Are there pictures of the party that show anonymous military dependents?  The only pictures show the celebrity lineup with Sasha and Malia.  If this was indeed only for military dependents, show the pictures and clear it all up.

Does anyone know if Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are great supporters of the military?

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Really Bad Thing

Posted by madjillmom on January 3, 2012


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Bad Things Going On

Posted by madjillmom on January 3, 2012

  • Things are blowing up in Iraq
  • Egypt is going to the Islamists
  • Bashar Assad is killing people in Syria
  • The Republican Nominating Process
  • China’s Economy is Shrinking
  • Europe is falling apart and will go into recession
  • Obama isn’t toast yet

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Good Things Going On

Posted by madjillmom on January 3, 2012

  • Demonstrations against Putin in Russia
  • Demonstrations in China against Rulers
  • Obama looks to be toast in 2012
  • Things are blowing up in Iran

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