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Vulture Capitalist

Posted by madjillmom on January 12, 2012

Shame on Perry and Gingrich for slamming Romney as being a vulture capitalist.  Both should know what happens without vultures.  You are up to your ass in decomposing flesh.  In fact, if Romney was a vulture capitalist then he has some good skills that are really in need.

Think of it.  Romney took over nearly bankrupt companies. He then reorganized them, cut out benefits, slimmed  them down.  In some cases the companies survived and in some cases the companies died.  He may get the chance to take over our inefficient and bankrupt federal government.  He will slim it down, cut out the fat, eliminate benefits, cut stupid programs.  He will have to cut the over-promised and under-funded pensions of government workers.  Maybe he can get the government to live off less than it collects in taxes, thus producing a “profit”.  I know, PROFIT is a bad word to Obama. Also, note that Romney didn’t do this with taxpayer’s money like Obama did for GM, Solyndra, etc.

If Romney has this type of experience, I would consider it a feature, not a problem for him.


2 Responses to “Vulture Capitalist”

  1. Jeff said

    Indeed! And to that point, they ran that add that said that Romney likes firing people. Well bring it on. I know that there are definitely people in the government that could be fired! I remember years ago there was an episode of 20/20 where John Stossel had a brilliant piece on government waste. There were government workers who tested the consistency of Ketchup! There was another that tested deodorant, he literally sad at a booth and sniffed people’s armpits through a piece of PVC pipe. Those two jobs were more than 50K a year –and this was in the mid to late 80s!

    It reminds me of those tax payer funded programs to help adults learn to read. While that is certainly not a bad thing, these people are Americans that can’t read! Doesn’t that mean that something is wrong with the school system? We have any number of redundant programs that most people have never even heard of. But there are still people working at these places collecting paychecks. I wonder why these programs aren’t advertised more widely. Probably because if attention were drawn, so would be scrutiny…

    I might build another website devoted to pointing out these wasteful programs. It’s like all of the welfare benefits you can get. They don’t advertise those sorts of things so most people are unaware that they exist. If you collect welfare or nutrition assistance (whatever they call it now) you know these things otherwise you are in the dark.

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