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Screaming on the Inside

Arab Spring turn Arab Nuclear Winter

Posted by madjillmom on January 28, 2012

Last spring, Obama was quick to throw Mubarak (the devil we knew) under the bus.  Then cascaded lots of joyous shouts (while raping Western journalists) that the new Egypt was going to be great.  Now, after a lot of ignoring the issue of jihadists winning the elections in Egypt, a constantly campaigning Obama has little time between to try to figure out how to get Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood’s son out of Egypt.  He is being detained for trying to support a path to democracy in Egypt.  After Obama threw Mubarak under the bus, he diverted his attention to Libya, where things still aren’t going too great.

Getting LaHood out of Egypt will be the State Departments purview, but they are really busy pissing off Canada over an oil  pipeline.


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