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Let’s Balance Cuts in the Military

Posted by madjillmom on February 1, 2012

Because PresBO used no political capital to pass the recommendations of the by-partisan Debt Commission, and because he couldn’t find take too much time from campaigning last summer to goose the Super-Committee that was his last answer to cutting the debt, the Military will bares disproportionate cuts.  This means the Military will lose 100,000 troops.

Let’s propose that for every active duty military personnel that is cut, 1.4 is cut from the burgeoning federal payroll.  Since PresBO has been in the White House, he has added 140,000 federal workers.

Then for every active duty military cut, let’s cut 4 people off of welfare. It should be easy to do.  If you have welfare and smart phone, or you won’t pee in a cup, or you are a full grown obese man who dresses up like a baby and threatens to kill yourself if denied the benefits taken from other full-grown men and women who wear a military uniform, a McDonald’s uniform, scrubs, or a  suit.

Releasing 100,000 active duty military into the current economy with high unemployment that isn’t going down anytime soon will probably cost more money in government training programs, unemployment, tax credit for hiring former military.  Of course, PresBO has the added benefit of being able to make us less able and weak to handle outbreaks around the world.

What other cuts has PresBO really supported?  Name a few if you can.

Quit Whining and Starve the Beast!


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