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Happy Birthday, Pres. Obama’s Stimulus Bill

Posted by madjillmom on February 17, 2012

It’s been three years.  Wow, how time flies when you’re going bankrupt. The stimulus was over-promised and under-performing, with lots of waste and bogus numbers attached to it throughout the 3 years.   For the first 2 years, Democrats said it wasn’t working as well as it should because it wasn’t big enough.

Then, for the last year or so, no one mentions it on the Dem side, because it is just an embarrassment of Solyndra’s and bloated welfare rolls.  The ongoing Recovery summer turned into Recovery Summer: The Crappy Sequel  and so on with charts and weak evidence that happy days are just around the next set of confusing numbers and stats.  For every trending up category, there is a opposite set of numbers showing that things might not ever be as good as it was years ago.

The new Dem argument is basically this:

We put the economy on drugs and produced this weak-ass, jobless economy and PresBO’s budget keeps raising spending because the economy needs the drugs and we will crash and burn if we don’t keep injecting the drugs taxpayer’s money into the arm of the anemic economy. Cuts in government spending will cut off the supply of drugs to the economy. We need to keep the economy limping along, spinning the bad, lauding the good until PresBO is re-elected.

Then what? Let’s don’t find out, please.


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