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The Price of Gas

Posted by madjillmom on February 19, 2012

Remember when the price of gas was George Bush’s fault?  Remember when every MSM news programs ran with stories of how hard the average Joe and Josephine were struggling because of George Bush’s greed oil company friends?  Now, PresBO can’t control the price of oil or gasoline and average hard-working families aren’t struggling with the price of gas.

I predict tired, old tirades against the greedy oil companies.  Calls to cut subsidies to oil companies that take food out of the hands of hungry children in America and the greater third world.  (How can there still be so-called “subsidies” for greedy oil companies in Obama’ 4th year as President.)  Calls for windfall profits taxes.  After all, they worked so good the last time it was done.  More calls to sell down the strategic oil reserves another time.


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