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Paul Krugman’s Painful Austerity Caucus

Posted by madjillmom on February 20, 2012

As I noted yesterday, the lefties are calling for more and bigger stimulus in this election year.  Cuts are not needed according to them.  Here is one of their favorites, NY Times writer Paul Krugman, opining on the bad economic voodoo that is austerity.

“The point is that we could actually do a lot to help our economies simply by reversing the destructive austerity of the last two years. That’s true even in America, which has avoided full-fledged austerity at the federal level but has seen big spending and employment cuts at the state and local level. Remember all the fuss about whether there were enough “shovel ready” projects to make large-scale stimulus feasible? Well, never mind: all the federal government needs to do to give the economy a big boost is provide aid to lower-level governments, allowing these governments to rehire the hundreds of thousands of schoolteachers they have laid off and restart the building and maintenance projects they have canceled.”

Funny, I don’t remember any “destructive austerity” in the past two years.  There have been no cuts in government spending, just increases.  More welfare, more unemployment benefits, and no cuts of any measurable amount.  If he is talking  about Greece, he is wrong.  They have had bailouts but not done the cutting that they promised. Pretty much no one believes they will do the cutting they have once again promised.

As a family, we have little debt.  This is a good thing since my husband, the breadwinner, was recently laid off by one of the notable members of Pres. Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.  If we believed what Paul Krugman advises, we should go out and buy a whole bunch of stuff.  Spending and Debt are the path to Prosperity in Paul’s world.

We need to get our fiscal houses in order.  Live within our means.  So, Paul and PresBO, quit whining and starve the Beast!!


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