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Screaming on the Inside

Koran Burning and Crazed Muslims

Posted by madjillmom on February 23, 2012

Once or twice a year, an incident happens regarding the Koran.  Someone threatens to burn it, someone defiles it in some way, and the Muslim world goes ape.  This time, 2 US troops have been killed because of it.  There is extensive rioting on the streets in Afghanistan.  Phone calls and apologies go forth to ass unborn lambskin hat Karzai who does nothing.  Is there no self-control for all these crazy Muslims?  Will a CAIR spokesman come and tell us how sorry he is that something like this results in so many deaths.  More Muslim deaths and more American deaths.  I wouldn’t touch a Koran because I might get my head chopped off if I sneezed on it.


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