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Hamid Karzai Apology

Posted by madjillmom on February 24, 2012

Dear Hamid:

I doubt you think you should apologize for the death of two American’s this week.  You know, the ones that were killed by a member of the Afghan Defense force as a result of the burning of the Koran?  Aren’t Afghan forces under your ultimate control?

I know you were happy to have Pres. Obama grovel and condemn the burning, a probable inadvertent act done to already desecrated Korans by Muslim prisoners.

When stuff like this happens, when your people go crazy and you quietly do almost nothing to stop it, I want to pull out of Afghanistan and never let another American lose his or her life because of your backward country and religion.

Remember, when we leave, 98 percent of your economy leaves with us.  I know, you’ve got a Swiss bank account with lots of money in it.  My only hope now is that you don’t make it on the first plane out after we leave.  When your countrymen and the extremist elements in your armed forces turn on you, string you up, stone you or cut off you head with that very attractive hat on it, I will give a little cheer.  You weren’t worth one American life.  Go back to the stone age, Afghanistan.


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