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Good News for Pres. Obama

Posted by madjillmom on February 28, 2012

Woke today to hear good news for Obama:

Consumer Confidence is Up

Bad news for Obama Ignored by the Press:

  • Durable Goods Down
  • 16 Americans Held Hostage by Former “Friend” Egypt being tried
  • Gasoline Up Again from Yesterday
  • Syria still killing citizens
  • Apologies to Afghanistan still falling on deaf ears of mobs
  • Afghanistan plan in danger
  • Greece still on the brink



3 Responses to “Good News for Pres. Obama”

  1. just a thought – i live in the southeast, and there’s PLENTY of biomass here sitting around in Kudzu and bittersweet (and other weeds), as well as multiflora rose and japanese honeysuckle-and what of pot plants?

  2. out of curiosity, after seeing this article, what other invasive plants are out there with biomass potential? perhaps, if there are already plants out there taking over our marginal land, and they are making plenty of biomass… maybe we should be harvesting them and making ethanol out of them?

  3. Egypt said


    […]Good News for Pres. Obama « Mama Bin Cranky[…]…

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