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I Burned the Korans

Posted by madjillmom on March 2, 2012

Karzai, PresBO,  UN representatives, and Afghani Imams are all calling to punish the soldiers who accidentally burned the Korans.  Evidently the six soldiers. who have been murdered by Afghan forces to satisfy the blood lust that evidently lives within the Religion of Peace, isn’t enough.

I wish to let all these people know that I was the one who burned the Korans.  I was laying in bed, trying to sleep on an overly hot night in February.  As I fell into a fitful sleep, a bell sounded and I was suddenly speaking with the Angel Gabriel.  He told me to go to Afghanistan and remove the Korans from the office with some other older papers that were scheduled to be destroyed.  Then I was there at the burn pit, and they were burning.  I woke with a start, rolled over and went back to sleep.

We do not owe these bloodthirsty bastards a thing. The reason I wrote this post is because of Andrew Breitbart. He pushed back. A woman tried to get bloggers and regular people to draw Mohamed in protested to violence perpetrated against the controversial Mohamed cartoons. She had to shut down her site and go underground.  She pushed back and got hurt. Plus, I remember when bloggers went green to support those in Iran fighting on the streets while PresBO ignored the movement and a great chance was lost.

I take no joy in mocking another religion.  I have been thinking about taking credit for burning the Korans for several days.  I feel certain other names will surface.  I just want everyone to know it was really me.


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