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Sanctions Fix Cuba

Posted by madjillmom on March 10, 2012

PresBO has great faith in sanctions still to be put in place against Iran.  He wants Israel to wait until these sanctions have some time to work or at least until after the Nov. election to do anything.

Tomorrow will dawn a new day in Cuba.  After 50 plus years of sanctions, the ruling Communists have seen the error of their ways.  Maybe even Hugo Chavez who is receiving world class cancer care at the same hospital as Fidel will see the error of his ways.  Great, sanctions do work.

They are also working in N. Korea.  Just a few more years or so and Kim Jong Un will see the error of his father’s and grandfather’s ways.

So, let just give a couple more decades of pain and suffering for the average person in Iran.  We have time.  They aren’t that close to nuclear weapons.  China and Russia aren’t subverting the sanctions.  No they aren’t.

Remember, Israel, Obama is your biggest supporter and he has your back.


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