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Obamacare and the Supreme Court

Posted by madjillmom on March 29, 2012

The EPA can regulate my breathing.If I breathe, I have to buy insurance or pay a fine. Strike down Obamacare, please. You struck down the EPA nine to zero last week.

One Response to “Obamacare and the Supreme Court”

  1. jeff1979 said

    I can’t believe how stupid Obama really is, or can I? Remember he was supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar right? The same person who wrote for Harvard Law Review and can’t pronounce corpsman! Can Obama pronounce Colonel?

    As for judicial activism; judicial activism refers specifically to the Supreme Court declaring rights (either for individuals or government) that were not expressed in The United States Constitution. If Obamacare is sicken down; it will be the exact opposite. The Supreme Court will be limiting the power of the Federal Government, not increasing it.

    I only hope that The Constitution will be able to hold up to this onslaught by those who so despise it.

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