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Obama is Campaigning 24/7

Posted by madjillmom on April 30, 2012

In a press conference with the Japanese Prime Minister, PresBO was unable to stop himself from campaigning.  He answered a question with his campaign commercial by saying Mitt Romney wouldn’t have gone after Osama and that they weren’t celebrating the take-down.  Just using it to get re-elected.  He should have turned the question back on the reporter, but he can’t stop himself from campaigning.



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Van Jones – The New Jesse Jackson

Posted by madjillmom on April 30, 2012

If I were Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, I would be looking over my shoulder to see Van Jones, the new guy on the block.  He is certainly up and coming.  His take-down from the Obama administration by Glenn Beck was an impetus to become the new black race spokesperson.  Jesse and Al must be wondering why the new, well spoken, handsome black guy is going to displace them soon.  Rainbow coalition, old and busted.  Van Jones, new hotness.  Color of Change is boycott central.  At least Van Jones doesn’t speak like a crazy preacher.

He is really radical packaged in an appealing package.  Kinda like PresBO.

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Bad News for Obama

Posted by madjillmom on April 30, 2012

This post shows a compilation of economic facts that really bring home the situation we all face.  It really is hard to read it piled up like this.  Major depressing.  Give it a read.

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Best Wishes to Occupy Wall Street

Posted by madjillmom on April 30, 2012

I wish the best to those intent upon closing down NYC and San Fran as well as other city tomorrow, May Day.  I want them to create maximum havoc for the 1%.  I want them to demand all their loans be forgiven.  I want them to demand free higher education.  I want capitalists to quake in their thuggish boots.  And I want them to pay homage to the magnificent Communist Party as well as the socialists around the world.  I want Iranian leader Mahmoud Achmadinjad (?) and Hugo Chavez to release statements of support.  There can even be a few skirmishes with police and some riot  activity.  Board up your Starbucks.  And lets not forget Chicago and the NATO conference coming up.  Make ’68 look like a “tea party”, guys.  Right makes might.  Keep people from going to work, cause cities to spend lots more on their already decimated budgets to enforce the laws and clean up after the protests.  Don’t go to the park and sing, don’t go to a nearby inner city school and fix up the campus, don’t serve or cook food at a homeless shelter, and please don’t do anything independents and grownups around the country think might be helpful.  Go for your hope, cripple the small systems and take aim on the big system.  You can make a difference.  You you can!

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Chinese Blind Dissident in US Embassy

Posted by madjillmom on April 29, 2012

PresBO and Hillary are probably not too happy about the appearance of a Chinese dissident seeking refugee status in the US Embassy in Beijing.  How embarrassing at a time when China and US hold talks in the next week. Will Hillary and PresBo use this incident to bring it to the Chinese government on human rights, child labor, currency manipulation, theft of intellectual property, computer hacking of US government, and lots of other stuff.  The blind dissident better us his super powers of hearing because he is likely to be thrown under a bus rather than be addressed as a human rights case.  Hillary and PresBO can’t offend the Commie bankers holding our ever-increasing debt.

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Good News for Obama

Posted by madjillmom on April 29, 2012

1.  UK slips back into recession.  Don’t let anyone pay attention to these worldly concerns.

2.  Spain and Greece still suck and the EU won’t be able to bail them out.  Maybe this can keep under the radar until November.

3.  Houses in 16 of 20 markets continue to fall in price and your last plan to fix it, another task force, hasn’t even had a meeting yet.  No biggy, you got some mileage out of the announcement.

4.  Little inflation unless you buy gas or food.

5.  Unemployment trend is going in wrong direction again.  But this can be fixed by a few million people dropping out of the work force.  After all this is the best way to get the unemployment rate to go down, don’t you know.

6. Economy grew at 2.2 rate 1st quarter rather than the “expert” expectation of 2.6.  Of course, this is much lower than the 3% rate of growth 4th quarter rate in 2011. Kinda a favorite of your’s, slow jamming the economy.

7.  Your EPA guy spoke the truth about your policy about fossil fuel energy but only conservative bloggers and Fox watchers really care.

8.  The New York Times has decided they were a little too enamored of you the last time and that they need to do a better job vetting both you and your policies this time.  No need to panic, it’s a ruse and you know they are incapable of actually being critical of you for any real issue.

9.  VP Biden knows that once you go black, you can’t go back.  This regards the big stick you carry.

10.  The voting age youth get most of their news from Comedy Shows.  You are in the clear.

11.  Air Force One is a great way to campaign.  You should know, you have done twice the fundraisers as GWB at the same time in his term.  You love campaigning.  It is so much easier than actually governing.  Second only to golf.

12.  Cool beats Competent, doesn’t it?




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Black Mob Beats White Man

Posted by madjillmom on April 25, 2012

When PresBO spoke briefly in an amazingly narcissistic way about the Travon Martin killing, he injected himself into the issue.  He obviously identified with Trayvon, who looked like a boy Obama could have had.  Since that comment, a lot has happened.  Zimmerman has been indicted on charges of 2nd degree murder quite possibly in an attempt to placate the population that looks like Obama.  The nation will have to go through this awful trial on pins and needles in the next year or so.

Meanwhile, there have been blurbs here and there about attacks on white people by black people where there is some evidence that the crime was done to avenge Trayvon Martin.  Now there is a report of a gang of black people beating a white man in Alabama.  One of the perpetrators says it is for Trayvon Martin.  The was a crowd of people including women using bricks, stones, and boards to beat a man who is in critical condition at a hospital.  I guess it won’t be such a big deal as this guy doesn’t look like Obama’s mythical son. Will Obama come out and tell blacks in America how wrong this is?  Or would that be admitting that there is a problem?

How does this make us white people feel and react when around black people?  If you are somewhere and outnumbered, you could certainly feel great concern.  I don’t like saying stuff like this, but it is what I am feeling.

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Obama Courting Youth

Posted by madjillmom on April 25, 2012

While campaigning on the taxpayer dime, hopping and hoping from campus to campus, promising low-cost college loans and low-cost colleges, PresBO is trying to recapture the clueless magic of 4 years ago.  Of course, 4 years ago, he was campaigning rather than voting to lower the interest rate on college loans.  Now it seems to be of major importance to him.  Then, not so much.

Then he goes on the Fallon show to remind us all what a cool guy he is.  He is asked the hard questions.  “If Romney was here, what would you say to him?”  Obama reply “Hi, Mitt.” Gosh, the man is a real genius.  If you are a college student and watching this, you must now be persuaded that a good job isn’t that important, but having a cool President with snappy, brilliant replies like this is key to your future.

Further, in my e-mail is some Obama campaign pleas to send $3 for a lottery for a soiree with PresBO and George Clooney.  OMG, I will have to send in some money because I am an idiot and this is just way too cool.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket, and we are all supposed to be swayed by this BS.  Meanwhile, the government keeps growing, the government will run out of money before the election because they spend too much, unemployment is really at a much higher rate than the government reports, and our children have a mountain of debt for their future.  That’s really cool.

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Obama = Government

Posted by madjillmom on April 23, 2012

I just listened to PresBO’s speech at the DC Holocaust Museum.  In the speech, Obama takes credit for trying to prevent holocausts in our current day.  He tends to take personal credit for such things. “I have sent…”,  “I took action…”, “I appointed a committee to keep women from being raped in war…”, “I sent troops to help capture Koney in Africa…”.  All this personalization of government is a peril for Obama.  In the wake of the GSA scandal, the Secret Service Scandal, the bloated stimulus being handed out to bankrupt solar firms, never-ending waste and fraud, bad choices after bad choices.  Obama is the first to claim credit and the first to assess blame to others for bad choices.

Obama’s push to take credit for all things government may bite him on the ass as people are increasingly do not trust the government to do the right thing.

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If I Wanted America to Fail…

Posted by madjillmom on April 23, 2012

Saw this on Instapundit.  Please go to and view this video.  Very good.  Young people everywhere should see this and support this.  PresBO is trying to become king by bypassing the Legislative Branch and the Supreme Court.  Government agencies are writing new “laws” or regulations daily that bring America closer and closer to the edge of failure.

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