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Coke, Carbonite, and Boycotts

Posted by madjillmom on April 5, 2012

Coca Cola needs to remember that conservatives drink their stuff also.  Coke succumbed to a call for a boycott by backing out of funding for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  Coke needs to remember how that worked for Carbonite when the latest Rush Limbaugh slut brouhaha happened.

Coke, I drink your products and I do believe in requiring ID’s to vote.  If you think that your bread is buttered by lefty Soros-funded types, you are probably mistaken.  Plus, when you give into such threats, you only invite more such threats.  Plus, Pepsi is agenda driven to the left, so you won’t gain anything giving into Color of Change.

I can and will give up Coke products if you do not reconsider the choice to give into Color of Change.



One Response to “Coke, Carbonite, and Boycotts”

  1. Jeff said

    Boycotts hurt businesses more in the form of bad press. Take Walmart for example. Every time they try to build a store there is someone trying to stop them; claiming that they are going to boycott them. They march, they whine and then they go to another Walmart and buy poster board to make signs to protest the new Walmart. It just seems silly to me.

    Walmart sells China for the most part, but that’s what the government wants. If they wanting things made in the US they would structure the tax system to allow for it. Walmart is just doing what works.

    As for me; I quit purchasing Coke or Pepsi products because they are too expensive! I usually just get the store brand sodas now. I can get five 12-packs for $11 most of the time. They just want too much for syrup and water.

    I’m glad you’re still on here fighting the good fight, I have my site back up and need to get back to it. It’s just hard to find time these days…

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