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Screaming on the Inside

King Obama and the Supreme Court

Posted by madjillmom on April 5, 2012

PresBO has already had the privilege of appointing two justices to the Supreme Court.  I think he can remember that they weren’t elected.  What has come through in his words this week is probably a heartfelt feeling that the Supreme Court wouldn’t strike down Obama’s signature legislation, Obamacare, because he is Obama.  Yes, other President’s have had laws declared unconstitutional over these many years, but they weren’t Obama.  They weren’t the smartest, brightest, most loved and adored PresBO.  His superior intellect is such to behold that the Supreme Court should just rubber stamp anything that is signed by the left hand of Obama.  Surely, the SC and all the other people in the country knows that PresBO is just so much more than all those who have gone before them.  Don’t they know that those foolish checks and balances on Presidential power were really only necessary with those other lessor mortals who came before.  Get with the program, Supreme Court, or King Obama will bring you down.


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