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Obama’s Wasteful Spending on Basketballs

Posted by madjillmom on April 9, 2012

While everyone is buzzing about the colossal overspend of the GSA using tax dollars to live it up in Las Vegas, the White House Egg Roll tradition was carried on  with a new twist.  There was a clinic on basketball with real life tall players using some very interesting balls to teach some of the children attending.  The basketball featured a picture of PresBO.  Either this is a campaign stunt that didn’t belong at a White House tradition, or it was a very needless expense.  I am pretty sure that getting Obama’s humble face on the basketballs didn’t cost a fortune, it still was a needless expense.  Run of the mill store-bought, un-customized basketballs would have been cheaper and way more humble.  I would bet that these balls were made in China.  Check out White House Dossier for the story and picture.


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