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Screaming on the Inside

Obama’s War on Women

Posted by madjillmom on April 10, 2012

Obama seems to hate women.  Instead of allowing a pipeline from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast that would pipe ethical oil from Alberta, he has instead favored the oil imported from the Middle East. In Canada, the women can vote and drive and go to school.  They can walk around without a male family member.  They do not have to cover their faces in public.  In Saudi Arabia, they cannot drive or vote.  In other countries, they cannot have an education.  They must cover themselves and sometimes are subject to genital mutilation as  young women.  Way to go Hillary and Barack.  You have just told these women who have no real rights that they really aren’t worth helping.  Support the Keystone XL pipeline.  Strangle the patriarchal societies in the Middle East.  Be on the side of Canada and not on the side of the Barbarians who mostly want us dead.


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