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Swift Action in GSA Boondoggle

Posted by madjillmom on April 10, 2012

The White House is telling us that they have swiftly dealt with the embarrassing overspending and videos coming out of the 2010 Western Conference the GSA held in Las Vegas.  Now it is coming out that the people who ran the conference got bonuses for doing such a good job.

The White House has tried to blame George Bush for the debacle.  But the conference happened on Obama’s watch even after he had warned people to not go to Vegas on the government dime.  They are also claiming swift action.  The conference was in 2010.  The investigation started in May of 2011.  Heads finally rolled in the last two weeks.  Some heads didn’t roll, so were just put leave.  Probably paid leave.  If the White House thinks this was “swift” action, their notion of swift is way different from mine.  No wonder the Justice Department’s internal investigation of Fast and Furious is taking so long.  There is no such thing as swift in the federal government.


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