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Screaming on the Inside

Obama’s “Divide and Conquer” Strategy

Posted by madjillmom on April 12, 2012

It isn’t just class warfare with the Obama campaign.  PresBO is definitely a Divider and not a Uniter. Here is a list of separate and unequal according to PresBO:

Rich vs.  Everyone Not Rich

Working Women vs. Stay at Home Mothers

Rich Women vs. Not Rich Women

Lesbian Mothers vs. Straight Mothers

Unions vs People not in Unions

People Who Look Like his Son Would vs. People who Don’t Look Like his Son would Look

Everything That Isn’t Fox News vs Fox News

Paul Ryan’s Budget vs. his Benevolent Government

Police Acting Stupidly vs. Liberal Professors

Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Partiers

Takers vs. Makers

Evil Oil Companies vs Green Companies with Stimulus Loans

Chrysler Bondholders vs. UAW

Fat People vs Skinny People

Elite Academics vs. Southern Rednecks




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