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Government Waste and the Budgeting Process

Posted by madjillmom on April 17, 2012

As more and more details come out about the abuse of taxpayer’s money in the GSA, I have begun to wonder about the quality of the workers throughout the government.  It seems that the people at the GSA came up with so many ways to waste the money entrusted to them.  This is in part because all government agencies get more money every year.  There are no real cuts to anything, just reductions in the increases.  As a result, they need to come up with ingenious and stupid ideas to spend the funds.

I truly believe that if there were real cuts, the workers would use their ingenuity to actually work to save money in their agencies.  If an agency had an actual cut in funding, the people working there would begin to value cost cutting and would work hard to make sure their divisions show actual productivity for less taxpayer dollars.

When responsible people see less money coming in, they cut the premium channels on the cable, buy generic, keep their cars for a few more years,and cut vacations or extravagances.  Of course, some people have worked in this wasteful culture for too long to ever be able to figure out how to run lean and productive.

What I am saying is basically make real cuts.  The government can change if we make actual cuts.  Cut every agency back to 2007 levels.  Cut each agency by 5% now.


Pres. Obama, where are your cuts?


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