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More Government to Bring Down Gas Prices

Posted by madjillmom on April 17, 2012

PresBO want to spend $52 million to hire more government workers to oversee oil trading.

Where are the market manipulators that spike the price of oil?  Name a few names.  More government is not the answer to high gas prices.  But that is all that PresBO can think to do.  One trick pony.  Growing government is the only answer they have.


One Response to “More Government to Bring Down Gas Prices”

  1. Jeff said

    Wait a minute here! I thought that the oil companies were subsidized? Does that mean that a government subsidized organization in guilty of “market manipulation”?

    There is no coherency from Obama whatsoever. First he says that the US barely makes a dent in the oil industry, which is a global market, while at the same time US oil companies are able to manipulate the market? How do you manipulate the market when you are barely producing in relation to that market? Of course that is according to Obama who says that we produce %2 of the world’s oil. Which we know to be a crock! We need to rain in the %2 puppet masters!

    It’s no different than Obama’s argument for “The Public Option” in the first draft of Obamacare. Obama pointed to FedEx and UPS and said that the USPS wasn’t putting them out of business. Of course we know that the USPS vs FedEx and UPS argument doesn’t hold water anyway because the USPS doesn’t regulate FedEx or UPS. That aside; the Public Option would barely effect the market, while simultaneously bringing down the price of healthcare. In what world of thought does one minimalize the effectiveness of their plan; then claim it to make sweeping changes to a complex system?

    I only hope that people are catching on to this BS.

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