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Best Wishes to Occupy Wall Street

Posted by madjillmom on April 30, 2012

I wish the best to those intent upon closing down NYC and San Fran as well as other city tomorrow, May Day.  I want them to create maximum havoc for the 1%.  I want them to demand all their loans be forgiven.  I want them to demand free higher education.  I want capitalists to quake in their thuggish boots.  And I want them to pay homage to the magnificent Communist Party as well as the socialists around the world.  I want Iranian leader Mahmoud Achmadinjad (?) and Hugo Chavez to release statements of support.  There can even be a few skirmishes with police and some riot  activity.  Board up your Starbucks.  And lets not forget Chicago and the NATO conference coming up.  Make ’68 look like a “tea party”, guys.  Right makes might.  Keep people from going to work, cause cities to spend lots more on their already decimated budgets to enforce the laws and clean up after the protests.  Don’t go to the park and sing, don’t go to a nearby inner city school and fix up the campus, don’t serve or cook food at a homeless shelter, and please don’t do anything independents and grownups around the country think might be helpful.  Go for your hope, cripple the small systems and take aim on the big system.  You can make a difference.  You you can!


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