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How Obama Handles Money

Posted by madjillmom on May 31, 2012

I just saw a post about the possibility of Obama flying his Chicago barber to the White House every two weeks to cut his hair. I am not sure I believe this.  If it is true, it certainly verifies that Obama is not only awful at handling taxpayer’s money, he is quite awful at handling his own money.  I saw another post a few weeks ago that talked of Obama’s account at J.P. Morgan in light of the loss they recently suffered.  This post also pointed out that the Obama’s haven’t paid down very much of their mortgage and have not refinanced to get the interest rate lowered.  I guess Obama just isn’t real good with money.

Obama doesn’t have complicated or special hair.  There are at least one hundred barbers in DC that can quickly cut Obama’s short hair.  Why would he pay for his barber to come from Chicago on a regular basis when his hair is just like everybody else?  This would make Clinton’s runway haircut and John Edward’s expensive haircuts look like small change.


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Planned Parenthood Questions

Posted by madjillmom on May 30, 2012

I don’t want Planned Parenthood to be an issue this election season.  I believe, as does Romney, that there should be no taxpayer funds used for Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood should use contributions from like-minded individuals to fund whatever they want.

Now comes a sting video operation where a woman wants an abortion if an ultrasound shows she is having a girl.  The woman was advised to go get an ultrasound past the first trimester to determine the sex of the baby and then come back for an abortion.  The PP counselor tells the woman to go get an ultrasound and advises her how to do it on Medicaid.

So now we know that Planned Parenthood does not have ultrasound machines.  So if you are poor and a woman and have planned to have a baby, Planned Parenthood will not be able to do an ultrasound.  So now, they don’t do prenatal testing of any kind.  They don’t do mammograms, so they really aren’t doing but one kind of cancer screening, a pap smear.  They do pap smears, prescribe contraceptives, and abortions.  So, if you are planning on parenthood, Planned Parenthood can’t really help you.


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Eric Holder, Black Preachers and the Catholics

Posted by madjillmom on May 30, 2012

Eric Holder has given black churches instructions to help preserve a new “sacred” right to vote without providing ID.  Will the “Separation of Church and State” whiners appear on TV telling us how this is an illegal cabal of Church and State?  No, probably not.  In fact, the ACLU was also at this conference and didn’t seem to feel this Church/State “marriage” was wrong.  So black churches have been given their marching orders to fight for NO ID voting. Eric Holder  and PresBO like the black churches and their newfound sacred right to vote without ID.

Now, here are the Catholics who want to preserve their religious right to not provide contraceptives at Catholic institutions.  Where is Eric Holder on this “right”?  Fighting to take away this right from Catholic organizations.  Eric Holder and PresBO don’t like Catholic Churches and their long-held religious beliefs.

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Kimberlin Aided by Clueless Judge

Posted by madjillmom on May 30, 2012

It is a travesty that Brett Kimberlin has been aided in lawfare harassment of Aaron Walker on Tuesday, May 29th.  Apparently freedom of speech is not a real issue for the retired judge who evidently has no understanding of the internet.  If one felon can use his jailhouse law degree to have a conservative blogger jailed, we are living in a  place where the Constitution is not a player.  Oh, wait.  Obama is President and the Constitution is pretty much null and void.  I hope someone will help Aaron Walker and all those being harassed by Brett Kimberlin.  I hope further that Brett Kimberlin will be found guilty of perjury and sentenced to serve time for that perjury.  Someone has to put a stop to this.

If Barbra Streisand gives money to Brett Kimberlin and he uses that money to commit a crime, is Barbra an accessory to that crime?  Same for Teresa Heinz Kerry, whose yacht is still in Rhode Island avoiding Massachusett’s taxes.  Same for George Soros.

Fox News touched on the “Swatting” issue today.  No one but bloggers have discussed the Brett Kimberlin issue.

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Brett Kimberlin is a Creepy Guy

Posted by madjillmom on May 25, 2012

I have been reading about the creepy, scary, convicted Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin.  In his current incarnation as a leader of a few strange “non-profit” entities, he has a lot of time and resources on hand to wage lawfare against several bloggers.  His actions have resulted in bogus charges being brought against Aaron Walker/Worthing at resulting in the loss of Aaron Walker’s job and the job of his wife.  He is currently waging war against Robert Stacy McCain who has decided to remove himself and his family from their home in fear of the convicted felon and his internet henchmen.  He has some help in these endeavors in the persons of Ron Brynaert  and Neal Rauhauser.  These two people have strong ties to the Dems and some of their more nefarious groups.  His “non-profits” have lots of help from Barbra Streisand, Teresa Heinz Kerry, and the Tides Foundation, all noted lefty people or groups.  Why are they funding this crazed convict?

From the long posts I have read, Brett Kimberlin, a convicted bomber, doesn’t like it when you tell the truth about him and his activities.  He then uses the law to out bloggers, drums up bogus charges against these bloggers, and then pursues them with a vengeance.  Meanwhile, his friends or extra harassers send ugly comments to the bloggers threatening to rape their young children.  This is violent harassment from a know criminal.

There has been a call today to have bloggers blog about this creepy guy.  It is something like the Draw Mohammed Day a few years ago.  It is an attempt to make so many targets for Kimberlin, that even he and his non-profit donations (of over a million dollars) can’t harass us all.  It is also a call to unity against a great injustice.  Aaron Walker is trying to sue Kimberlin to stop this nonsense, but the Attorney General of Maryland  is not allowing this to happen.

The saga is long and heavy in the legal jargon that goes over my head.  But it is pretty easy to see that Brett Kimberlin has a lot of issues and someone or all of us need to take this thing in hand and make him consider if it is really good to wage lawfare against bloggers and individuals and their families.

Please check out some of the bloggers taking this awful man on. They are being harassed and twittered with vile suggestions by some pretty awful people.

There is also a defense fund being set up and a blogger organization that is helping out on this matter.  Consider sending some money if you find this situation to be as awful as it sounds.  Info is here.

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Cool vs. Competent – Obama vs. Romney

Posted by madjillmom on May 23, 2012

Joe Biden and PresBO are now into telling us that Mitt Romney’s experience is generally equivalent to a reasonably intelligent plumber.   The attack on Bain Capital isn’t working and too many Dems are squeamish about talking down business that is perfectly legit.  (Remember when Bill Clinton was a new business friendly Democrat.)  Now Biden/Obama are telling us that 25 years in the private sector being successful is not really applicable to the office of President.  I guess the same will be said of Romney’s Olympic experience and his experience being a Gov. of a very lefty state.

I remember when we were told that the reason Obama was qualified to run the country was because he ran such a great Presidential Campaign.  When we said being a Senator for only 143 days wasn’t a great qualification, we were laughed off.  When we asked for records of his clients when he practiced law (but never tried a case), they were lost and not available.  Was he a good lawyer?  Guess we will never know.  When we questioned whether he worked with ACORN during his Community Organizer days, it was denied.  When we asked what was accomplished during those days, there was no accomplishment to speak of.  Was he a good organizer?  We couldn’t find out.  When he as cranking out biographies with or without Bill Ayers, we were told he was thinking about being a author at 35.  Is that a qualification for a President?  Maybe something for after being President, but not a pre-req.  Most of what might have qualified Barack as qualified is not known.  Great grades, don’t know.  High SAT score, don’t know.  Papers written for the Harvard Law Review, didn’t do any even though most before him wrote for the Law Review.  Copies of Thesis and Dissertations?  Not available and blocked by the President.  His bills and accomplishments as a state senator.  Blocked by Barack Obama.

Romney has private sector experience and public sector experience.  He has a degree from Harvard, just like Obama.  He is white and rich.  I guess this is a disqualification in the world of Obamal/Biden.  Of, and remember, if you work hard as a plumber, you aren’t qualified to run the country.

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Obama got Osama Movie vs. Doctor who Helped

Posted by madjillmom on May 23, 2012

On the same day that Pakistani Tribal Court sentences a Pakastani Dr. who helped us locate Bin Ladin to 33 years in prison at hard labor, it comes to light how PresBO and his administration have turned over very secret information to Hollywood in order to PresBO to be a hero of the movie.  Hollywood has been given more info and access than the press regarding the operation, already too exposed for the likes of the Seal Team Six, the actual heros of the operation.  Obama even gave the name of the commander, and then asked the movie people to keep that info from others.  Way to go with the security of our Nation from terrorism.  This comes on the heals of a leak that compromised a British asset/mole in the new type of airplane bomb plot.  Nice work, PresBO.  I hope the movie shows you out on the golf course while the operation goes down.  I hope it shows you agonizing over the operation for way more time than any other post 9/11 President should have.  Beware giving out the information and compromising future raids.  Stop blabbing to the movie people and start helping the Pakistani Doctor who helped us locate OBL!

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Romney’s Mormonism

Posted by madjillmom on May 23, 2012

Last week, Jodi Cantor wrote an article for the NYT about how Mormonism shaped Mitt Romney.  So the NYT feels that Romney’s religion is an issue that needs to be delved into.  We have so often been told that we cannot talk about Obama’s two mentors (acknowledged by Barack Obama himself in his writing).  These two mentors being Frank Davis, a communist who helped mold young Obama in Hawaii, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for 20 years.  Wrights sermons had a profound impact on Obama.  He chose this mentor, but we are told that is old news (not really covered in 2008 by the NYT).  Now, there are numerous articles about Mormonism and the bad things done throughout its history that are coming out.  Evidently, Romney is responsible for every bad Mormon thing done.  Yet Obama is held blameless for Wright’s rantings on Jews and the evil white men who control the evil United States of the KKK.  Obama stood by and listened and nodded and never walked out on his mentor.  But evidently, that didn’t shape Obama.

If Romney’s Mormonism is an issue, then Obama’s Reverend Wright is an issue.  Treat them the same.  Is there no journalism at work in the MSM?  No, I guess not.

This article by Jodi Kantor makes mention of the strange fact that Mitt and Anne Romney think they will be together in heaven so they try to work things out here on Earth.  This is presented as a kinda weird thing.  I guess I must be weird too.  I expect to be with my husband in heaven also.  Don’t most of us think this?  I expect to see all my family, save the one’s who may have gone in the other direction.

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Bain Capital vs. Obama

Posted by madjillmom on May 23, 2012

Which seems to be the more fair?

Mitt Romney gets funding from individuals and pools that money to invest in companies, using those funds to save some companies and to sell off others that aren’t so strong. At weak companies, people are laid off, companies are restructured, and sometimes, they are sold off at a profit.

President Obama takes taxpayer funds and funds borrowed from China and our children and grandchildren.  Then he and his cabinet find friends and other cronies and they hand out money to questionable “green” companies by the bucketful.  Minimal very temporary jobs are created and the Energy Secretary changes the law so that some of that money goes straight to Obama supporters in payback.  Now the taxpayer has nothing to show for Obama’s leadership and stewardship of taxpayer’s money.  The much touted jobs are now gone.  People who thought they had a good job are laid off.  Companies are bankrupt and the taxpayer is screwed.

Which scenario shows real leadership?

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Promoting Obamacare for $20 Million

Posted by madjillmom on May 22, 2012

Evidently Kathleen Sebelius doesn’t yet know that there is a good chance that Obamacare will be tossed out as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  She does know that Obamacare is unpopular so she decided that it was a good use of taxpayer dollars to give $20 million to a PR firm to promote it.  I guess they didn’t learn with those Andy Griffith ads run awhile back.  What the hell, it’s thinly disguised propaganda and politics. If a government program isn’t popular, apply expensive PR.  I know how to get good PR for it.  Just repeal it!

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