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Screaming on the Inside

Obama’s Composite Girlfriend

Posted by madjillmom on May 3, 2012

They were so enamored of him in 2008 that the media couldn’t even read his two autobiographies.  He was just so special and perfect.  Why mess it up with an analysis of him and his friends, his pastor, and his family.  Now, we have been through 3 years and a new book is coming out trying to explain more about Obama.  Part of the books focus on his girlfriends prior to Michele.  Obama says the person portrayed in his book is a composite of more than one girlfriend.  Now there are differing stories about said girlfriends and some correspondence between a former girlfriend is out.  The letters are drivel.  Is he so detached that he has to make a composite of his loves/likes?  We know so little about Mr. Cool No Drama Obama.  We haven’t ever seen a copy of his college transcripts, a verified article or dissertation, or a cavalcade of friends and colleagues talking about the old days when Obama was young and stupid.  Frankly, the man is detached and weird.  Maybe he should have had a blow-up girlfriend he could have written about.


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