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Obama Insinuates Himself into Past Presidential Bios

Posted by madjillmom on May 17, 2012

It has become a matter of narcissistic nonsense that those surrounding PresBO have a truly vaunted opinion of him, no doubt, following in the footsteps of the President himself.  He and his speech writers love the words “I”, “Me”, and “My”.  Now the administration has added to the Presidential bios on the White House website.  They have compared past presidential accomplishments with Obama’s own vision of his accomplishments.

Here are a few suggestions from me to the Obama administration to continue on with this ridiculous waste of time and money.

Washington was the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army who spent a very cold winter encamped at Valley Forge, PA.  He presided over the writing of the Constitution.  He served as our first President. He is often called the Father of our Country. Paintings of the General and President often show the pock marks that came from childhood disease on his face.

Obama served a Commander in Chief and broke out in a cold sweat while trying to decide whether to go after Osama Bin Ladin in Pock-ee-stan.   Obama is a Father to Sasha and Malia, and if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon Martin.  President Obama has tried to shred the Constitution that Washington worked on.

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.  Abraham Lincoln got rid of some of his Generals.  Obama hasn’t done anything for Blacks per Jeremiah Wright, his one time mentor.  Obama doesn’t get rid of Generals, he lets Rolling Stone magazine do that.




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