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How Obama Handles Money

Posted by madjillmom on May 31, 2012

I just saw a post about the possibility of Obama flying his Chicago barber to the White House every two weeks to cut his hair. I am not sure I believe this.  If it is true, it certainly verifies that Obama is not only awful at handling taxpayer’s money, he is quite awful at handling his own money.  I saw another post a few weeks ago that talked of Obama’s account at J.P. Morgan in light of the loss they recently suffered.  This post also pointed out that the Obama’s haven’t paid down very much of their mortgage and have not refinanced to get the interest rate lowered.  I guess Obama just isn’t real good with money.

Obama doesn’t have complicated or special hair.  There are at least one hundred barbers in DC that can quickly cut Obama’s short hair.  Why would he pay for his barber to come from Chicago on a regular basis when his hair is just like everybody else?  This would make Clinton’s runway haircut and John Edward’s expensive haircuts look like small change.


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