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Walmart and Amazon Cave to Marxist Radical Truther

Posted by madjillmom on June 1, 2012

I am very disappointed to note that Walmart and Amazon have caved to Color of Change and backed out of supporting ALEC.  Van Jones (marxist, Cop Killer sympathizer, and Truther) has claimed another notch on his belt.  Walmart and Amazon evidently do not know that a majority of the American public favors voter ID laws to hinder vote fraud.  Walmart has caved, but reading the tweets of those who support Van Jones/Color of Change shows that their supporters still won’t shop at Walmart.  No serious lefty does shop at Walmart and won’t start because they caved to Color of Change.   I do shop at Walmart and Amazon.  Now I will have to figure out what to do to apply pressure to both entities to see if they will change their corporate mind and stop supporting this Marxist, Radical Race Card Playing, Truther.


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