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Michele Obama

Posted by madjillmom on June 4, 2012

Before she was a First Lady:

Did she garden?

Did she know any military families?

Did she cook much?

Now she writes books about gardening.  Or did Bill Ayers ghost write her new book?


2 Responses to “Michele Obama”

  1. pobept said

    I feel confidant in saying, Michelle Obama, did not garden, nor does she like getting her hands dirty in the garden.
    She did not know any military families and to this day does not like the U.S. Military or those that serve in our military forces.
    I’ll bet most of her cooking was/is accomplished by a well trained cook/chef at her favorite restaurant!
    If a book about gardening is published with Michelle Obama’s name on it, she didn’t write or edit that book!

    Happy summer gardening to all ‘Real’ gardeners

  2. I agree that she didn’t do any of that stuff when she lived in Chicago. It was a mansion with many servants.

    Despite the impression she gives, she grew up in a decent middle-class neighborhood, not a slum. As a lawyer she was 100% corporate, doing copyright and trademarks; she did not defend any of the ‘little people’. She has also been associated with corrupt real estate dealers such as Tony Rezko and Patricia Blagojevich. (both associations totally lost all press coverage when he won the election), she was also a board member of a company that shut down a plant which devastated one small town in Colorado, and she was on the board of one of the most money grubbing hospitals in Chicago..

    ,,,sorry, little biased and carried away.

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