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Bill Clinton, Recession and Usual Lies

Posted by madjillmom on June 6, 2012

One thing really stuck me the other day.  Bill Clinton was telling us that in recessions like the one we are in or out of usually take 5 or 6 years to fix.  He then further said that a recession with a housing crisis usually takes 10 years to fix.  Where is he getting these usuallys from? Or perhaps, in his case, it is usual lies? Can he cite a time in the past where his assertion is actually the case?  He was citing these “I pulled these “facts” out of my ass” claims to tell us that Obama is way ahead of schedule.  Where is the press when someone does this?  Can Clinton cite an actual instance that is similar to our current “recovery” that isn’t pure fiction?

For that matter, PresBO likes telling us that the recession we are three years out of was the worst recession since the Great Depression.  This is also quite bogus.  I remember the recession in the early 80’s.  It was much worse with higher unemployment, inflation, and high interest rates.  We came roaring out of that recession with good policies put in place by Reagan.  Where PresBO and Bill Clinton can get it right is to show us just how anemic the recovery is in comparison to other recoveries.  Or perhaps, they could tell us just how much inflation there really is instead of standing behind the bogus numbers that come from the CPI less food and gasoline.

So passive-aggressive Bill Clinton comes out and backhands PresBO on a regular basis.  But he is popular with the base, so campaigning he will go…


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