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Old Jobs Now New Green Jobs

Posted by madjillmom on June 8, 2012

One of the job numbers cons that the President uses is taking existing jobs and re-labeling them as Green Jobs.  When the President and his Energy Department hands out money hand over fist to Obama’s fundraisers and bundlers, you need to have a good jobs number to go along with that.  So, you take old regular jobs and re-label them as “green”.  Then you tell everyone that there are 50,000 new green jobs.  So what if these jobs are just re-labeled and not new.  They are deemed “green”, thus new and a feather in Obama’s cap.  Now, because there are so many new green jobs, you can continue to waste money on investing taxpayers money in your friends/supporter’s green companies.  This is a win-win for Obama.  But if you want one of those new green jobs, you had to have an old regular job that is re-labeled.  No real gains in green, just shuffling the deck chairs on the USS Obama and lots of stimulus/investment to Obama’s cronies.

Years and years of investment in green energy has yet to result in an affordable solar system for either residential or commercial operation.  I would consider buying one but it seems that the payback is decades and not years.  If American solar cannot compete with cheap Chinese solar, why aren’t there cheaper solar systems using Chinese panels?



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