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Giving Illegal Immigrant the Right to Vote

Posted by madjillmom on June 15, 2012

Obama will not deport illegals under 30 and he give them a work permit.  This is installing the Dream Act without the Congress.  The Department of Justice and Eric Holder, Attorney General, have sued Florida to keep possible illegal immigrants on the voter rolls.  Each of these actions is designed to get Hispanic votes in November. I believe that Obama and his administration want Illegal Aliens to vote in our elections.  Why won’t the press challenge Obama on this?  Why won’t the people realize that Obama wants to be King and rule without the input of the Congress and the Courts?

By the way, if your son or daughter can’t find a job and opts to join the shrinking military, they will probably not be able to do that because these illegals will be given preference over citizens.  Already, the military has problems with Hispanic gang members in their ranks.


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