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Obama, Unemployment, and Illegal Aliens

Posted by madjillmom on June 15, 2012

Today, the Obama Administration says they will not deport illegals under 30.  They will be given a work permit and can now compete in the marketplace against citizens.  The unemployment rate under age 25 is around 25%.  So, if you just paid a bundle for college and can’t find a job in your field, you will now not be able to get a job flipping burgers because 800,000 illegals can now get these jobs with their new work permits.  I guess Obama is evolving some more.  He is pivoting to jobs for illegals, but not for citizens.  A young black man who want to work, will now be even more unable to get a job.

Gay marriage and work permits for illegal aliens.  Pandering to get votes.  Congress and laws do not matter, only his re-election.


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