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Furious Dems playing Fast with the Truth

Posted by madjillmom on June 21, 2012

The Dems are claiming that the Republicans are on a witch hunt and that all the pertinent information about Fast and Furious is already released.  Yes, the diabolical Republicans waited until a few days ago to ask for these documents.  They started this inquiry well over a year ago.  Since that time Holder and the DOJ have given congress bad information/lies that they have had to retract.  I guess the Republicans made Holder lie.  We still do not know who signed off on this operation and why they signed off on this operation?  Who has been disciplined or fired for this? Where is the internal investigation that Holder hides behind?  This is obviously all the Republican’s fault. Nancy Pelosi says it is because Republicans don’t want black people to vote.  What????

There is a smoking gun somewhere and the only way to find it is to turn over the documents.  Someone thought this was a good program and had reasons to run it the way they did?  Who was that and why did they do it.


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