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Romney and Your Wedding Present

Posted by madjillmom on June 26, 2012

Dear Newlyweds:

I wanted to get you something that will really make your life together better.  I though about a blender, or a gravy boat. Maybe some monogrammed towels. But those won’t really help you much.  Pres. Obama wants me to give him some more of our money on your behalf.  Instead, I am making a donation to Mitt Romney on your behalf.  If Obama wins, you and your children will be taxed beyond belief.  There will be little or no opportunity to grow and prosper because you will have to pay for all the mess that has gone before you.  Can Romney fix things?  I hope so.  We will all have to take the medicine and cut the size and scope of government.  All I do know is that I care for you and your future, so this is what I am doing.


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