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Green Energy, $800 Hammers and Grannie’s Food Stamps

Posted by madjillmom on July 2, 2012

The US Navy is taking it green fleet for a spin.  The problem is that the partially green fuel used cost us $27 a gallon as opposed to the current price of $3-4 gallon or traditional fuel.  Further the Pentagon has spent over $400 gallon for algae fuel in 2009.  The Navy says that since they use 2% of the American consumption of fuel, they can force down the price of green energy just by buying it.

I support all alternate forms of energy, but not with my tax dollars.  We cannot afford stuff like this.  While the Navy is doing this, the Pentagon is slicing and dicing ships and personnel to meet the absurd goal of sequestration while those on the left do nothing to cut entitlements.  As a matter of fact, the government is marketing the use of food stamps as a lifestyle choice amongst the elderly. Good use of my tax dollars.


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