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Bad Jobs Number

Posted by madjillmom on July 6, 2012

I awoke this morning and turned on the TV. One of the first things I heard was the June bad jobs number.  I was thrilled.  I wanted bad jobs numbers. I want Obama to fail. I want Obama to fail so that my kids might have a future.

My husband was laid off from American Express after 28 years last December.  (Remember, Ken Chenault, American Express CEO, is on Obama’s Jobs and Competitiveness Council. American Express continues to lay off people but doesn’t announce their layoffs because it would be an embarrassment to Pres. Obama.)

My husband will be looking for a  job in earnest soon.  So I am wishing that it will be harder for him  to get another job.  I do not care.  The only way getting a job is a possibility is for this anemic, jobless recovery to be turned around.  Obama doesn’t know how to do that.  He wants us to be on the dole as long as possible. (He has not filed for unemployment or any other benefit, yet.)  We are pretty sure he will never have another job as good as the one he had.  We do not care.  What we want is for our children to have a chance.  Obama doesn’t want our kids to have a chance.  He wants us all to be victims on the dole.  He wants us all to be dependent on a bigger and bigger government.

We are willing to sacrifice to give our kids a better chance.  If you care about your children or your grandchildren, don’t vote for Obama.



One Response to “Bad Jobs Number”

  1. List of X said

    Hey, 80K jobs added is not bad enough. Let’s get 99% unemployment, that would really help our children and grandchildren!

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