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Obama Lies

Posted by madjillmom on July 9, 2012

Obama and his surrogates and spokesmen have doubled down on calling Romney an outsourcer of jobs. They know that this is not true, but are continuing on with the lie anyway.

Further, though there is no evidence that Romney has evaded any taxes, all Obama’s minions are running around spouting about how we do not know if he has or hasn’t paid all his taxes.   In particular, Robert Gibbs is running around using this false claim.  This has resulted in conservative blogs running around saying all sorts of funny things about Gibbs.  Stuff like “we don’t know if Robert Gibbs cut the hose on Romney’s bus”.

Already most of Obama’s ads are negative.  I feel this is a sign of desperation.  I am pretty sure that lying comes pretty easy to the whole bunch.  Too bad the MSM won’t hold their feet to the fire.


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